[{"name":"San Francisco, USA","long":"-122.419418","lat":"37.774929","country":"US","result":""},{"name":"S\u00e3o Paulo, Brazil","long":"-46.63314056","lat":"-23.55151939","country":"BR","result":""},{"name":"Bavaria, Germany","long":"10.75339985","lat":"49.11594009","country":"DE","result":""},{"name":"Delhi, India","long":"77.22499847","lat":"28.63529968","country":"IN","result":""},{"name":"Somerton Park, Australia\t","long":"138.521286","lat":"-34.996670","country":"AU","result":""}]
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  • San Francisco, USA
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Bavaria, Germany
  • Delhi, India
  • Somerton Park, Australia

What is DNSNAUT?

DNSNAUT helps you check if a domain’s DNS records have propagated successfully across the planet and your website is available to all earthlings, and not just your neighbor. To make a DNS lookup, enter the domain name above and hit find.

What on Earth is DNS?

DNS, or the Domain Name System allows us to navigate the web using domain names (for example, spacesuite.com) instead of having to remember and use the underlying IP addresses for a given website, such as

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What is DNS Propagation?

When you add or change your domain’s DNS records, such as NS, A, MX, CNAME, TXT etc., it takes some time for the changes to be updated across the planet and the entire Web. This is what we call DNS Propagation which can take up to 24-48 hours to complete.

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Which DNS Records can I check for Propagation?

With DNSnaut you can check the following DNS records:

A: A Records point to the IP address for your website hosting server

NS: Name Server Records pointing to a Server which hosts your DNS Records

MX: Mail Exchange Records which point to web server that hosts your email accounts and services

CNAME: Canonical or alias name which point an alias name to another true or canonical domain name. For example, www.spacesuite.com can be linked to spacesuite.com.

TXT: Text records can be used to verify your domain to use external services. For instance, TXT records can be used to verify domain ownership and to implement email security measures such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Additionally, you may check AAA, SOA, SRV, CAA, PTR records for propagation.

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